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Fri Jul 25

The end, probably

I finally remember to start updating this site again and now Redlasso is closed to bloggers. I apparently got in last night’s Final Jeopardy just in time. If Redlasso ever opens again, I’ll maybe update again sometime. And if not, it was fun for a few weeks.

On the plus side, I never have to deal with Redlasso’s awful video editor again.

Final Jeopardy for 24 July 2008.

This was the easiest question on the whole damn show. Come on, Jeopardy! writers.

Thu Jul 24

Final Jeopardy for 23 June 2008. J-Archive.

Last night’s Final Jeopardy was much easier than the previous two this week; obviously, there were only nine possibilities. I figured if it were a “trick” it would be some random New England state and I’d just be guessing; I instead narrowed it to one of two and got it right.

I’m not quite sure how “New Hampshire” was a guess, but who knows her reasoning. A quick search shows it outlawed slavery in 1857, so I suppose it wasn’t that far off. For me, though, it made sense to pick one of the southernmost Union states.

Mark isn’t shutting out his opponents but he’s gotten two tough Final Jeopardy questions correct this week and has a ton of money.

Wed Jul 23

Final Jeopardy for 22 July 2008. J-Archive.

Okay, I’m going to do commentary now — and I’ll fill in the missed couple of weeks eventually. The second straight day with a not-so-hard game and an impossible Final Jeopardy (for me, at least); again Mark gets it right. Congratulations to Josh, who writes the frequently hilarious Comics Curmudgeon, on a good showing.

Wed Jun 25

Final Jeopardy for 25 June 2008.

Tue Jun 24

Final Jeopardy for 24 June 2008.

Mon Jun 23

Final Jeopardy for 23 June 2008. J-Archive.

Fri Jun 20

Final Jeopardy for 20 June 2008. J-Archive.

Thu Jun 19

Final Jeopardy for 19 June 2008. J-Archive.

Wed Jun 18

Final Jeopardy for 18 June 2008. J-Archive.